I am getting my new guitar in 8 days and will start lessons with my good friend that night. i was jsut looking for some solos and good songs to try and learn to get better before then. im not what you would call totally stupid to guitar stuff but also am not very advance either. Just to guve you a idea of my skill level which isnt very high i can play all of Metallica - Seek and Destroy minus the solo. Part of the intro of One. parts of Paranoid and the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine. and there are a few more.
It depends of your favorite style. An easy solo is Hand Of Blood from Bullet For My Valentine, but the song overall is a little hard.

Also, other song that is very easy is Trigger Full Of Promises, from Walls Of Jericho, it doesn't have a solo, but got some nice riffs
Sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian
wake me up when september ends. and the solo is ridicuklouisly easy.
The first and second solos in Sweet Child O' Mine are fairly straight forward. I'm working on the 3rd.

That's a good thread that MaXiMuse posted since it tells you what basic techniques you need to know.
Here's my suggestion..... Judas Preist - Living after midnight

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Depending on what you're into, one of my faves is Rush - Limelight. Well known song with a fairly simple but memorable solo. I'm a bass player who just recently started playing guitar for something different. If I can do it, so can you.
If you have the guitar which you have as your username... nice axe, I love those ^_^

Scar Tissue or Californication by RHCP, Holiday or American Idiot by Green Day.