I'm am thinking of making a custom electric based around a jackson dinky and a yamaha rgx121d. im just wondering about what the most convient, usefull pup set up would be?
maybe H-H?
i currently have a H-S-H but i never use the single and rarely use the neck pickup, but i want one there...i was thinking emg 81/85? i play Blue oyster cult,
classic rock
hard rock
some metal

thanks, budget is arounf 500-600 for whole thing, ash body, maple with rosewood neck and a kramer style headstock, stopbar string through body and 2 vol and 1 tone, 5 way switch
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your only going to need the 5 way selector if you have 3 pickups. i have a gibson explorer with 496r/500t combo and they are sick. i highly highly recommend that set. i had 81/85 in my last esp and they are GREAT pickups but i just love the warmth of the gibson pickups.