I am about to learn to play the guitar but i don't know if i should buy an Electric or an Accoustic guitar? I will be using it for family use, all types of music, if i get past the first few lessons!!
Electric is easier to learn on, but Acoustic is better for family and chillen. Plus also if you buy the acoustic first and get good at it, electric will be no problem.
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Electric is easier to learn on, but Acoustic is better for family and chillen. Plus also if you buy the acoustic first and get good at it, electric will be no problem.

I acctually think an acoustic is easier to learn on.... and it sounds great
Acoustics are generally cheaper than electric guitars, especially since you don't need to buy other things like instrument cables and an amplifier. Additionally, if you ever want to play at someone's house or something you don't need to carry all of that stuff around. But it really depends on what your taste in music is. Don't plan on being able to play aggressive metal or punk on an acoustic. Think realistically. If a lot of what you play tends to be more pop or folk music, you should be just fine with an acoustic
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how about going inbetween and getting an electro-acoustic?

That's not really inbetween. It's basically a more expensive acoustic. He would probably barely ever plug it in.

Unless you like to play metal a lot, you're probably better off getting an acoustic first and saving up for a decent electric.


That one gets great reviews and it's cheap. Good electrics usually cost at least $300, plus you would have to buy an amp.
Theres no right or wrong answer, a beginner can start with either. The question to ask yourself is "What is the domenant style of music I'll be playing?" If it's folk, country, classical etc. get an acoustic. If it's rock, blues, jazz etc. get an electric. An acoustic is nice because it is simple to set up and use and builds finger strength as were an electric requires the additional purchase of an amp, but can play a greater variety of musical styles. Most serious players own both.
Actually, blues plays quite well on the acoustic.
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I recommend an Acoustic, that is what everyone starts out on. Plus, the strings are harder to push down on an Acoustic, and in some ways an Acoustic will be harder to play. That is good though, so you get used to that and when you upgrade to electric it will be relatively easy for you...Good Luck!
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Get an Acoustic as your first guitar,
They are HARDER to play, you might think that's bad, but it's not
Being harder to play, they force you to learn good techinique, you will notice mistakes more, and that forces you to play it right. And they help build finger strength.

An electric is easier to play, so you DONT learn as much techinique, as a little slip here and there wont be notice.

An acoustic will help you build a good guitar-playing foundation, and, when you pick up an electric, it will be easy to play and you'll sound great. Also, if you dont like it, acoustics generally arent as expensive, so it wont hurt your wallet as much.

After a couple months go from there and get either a better Acoustic (I would recommend as Acoustic/Electric if you decide to stay with Acoustic) or Electric.

Generally if you like to play, Metal, Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz, "Electric Blues"(blues can be either acoustic or electric), etc. . . get Electric

If you like, Folk, Hawaiian Slack Key, Country(you could play country on electric, but generally it's better acoustic) , Classical(not Classic Rock), or "Acoustic" Blues (as Blues can be played on both types of guitar), etc . . . Get Acoustic
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IMO, electric.
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What type of music will you want to play? What type of guitar is most often used in that type of music? There's your answer.

Don't go with an acoustic just cause it'll build finger strength faster. If you wanna play metal, but get an acoustic to build finger strength, you'll probably be a guitarist for about a week. It does not matter how strong your fingers are or what others think of you, as long as you are having fun playing.
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