which would be nicer for a srv/rory gallanger sort of overdrive

and other pedals suggestions?
Take a look at digitech Hardwire CM-2.

Ive seen people on other forums say they liked it over there keeley moded TS9.

Also look at the Fulltone Mosfet, it takes the cake.

I think fulltone also makes a Gt-500 overdrive/DS pedal, its crap and overpriced play it if you want to but i think youll agree.
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look for a fulldrive 2 mosfet. it's one of the best overdrives i have ever heard. i have the mosfet with the switchable mids. it has flat mids, vintage mids and modern modes plus it has a comp cut mode too.
Well, for starters, the amp is the main component in determining the sound of an overdrive because the pedal is overdriving the amp. Both Stevie and Gallagher use Tubescreamer pedals, so a Keeley TS9 would get you the closest to their tone, but between the two you listed, the OCD is more similar.

SRV also used a Wah (V847) and a Leslie sim (Vibratone). Other options for those effects include:

Dunlop Crybaby
Boss PW-10
Budda Bud Wah

Leslie Sims
H&K Rotosphere
Korg G4
Danelectro Chicken Salad
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