Okay I have a PRS SE Custom, but want another guitar with a different sound. One that I can play other types of music with. I recently joined a group of people and all we do is just jam and I usually play the rhythms cause I am best with chords and they dominate me in improving with theory. I play on a few amps besides my Spider, lately a Peavy Half Stack my friend has. We play like all types of music just what ever it turns out to be. So yeah I want a guitar to get sounds I can't get out of the PRS. Any suggestions...
what are you going for tone wise? What genre are you playing? a PRS SE should be able to accomodate almost anything

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Get a set of P-Rails, all sounds sorted.
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Get a set of P-Rails, all sounds sorted.

Yeah, but it's a compromise; one guitar with pRails won't sound as good as a Les Paul, a Strat and a Gibson Junior.

I think you should get a better amp for yourself. Borrowing a friend's is all well and good, but you should probably have something decent of your own and the Spider isn't really a dream tone machine.

If you want a guitar, a P90 loaded guitar should get you great sounds; I won't name names, because I personally have never come across a poor P90 guitar, probably because P90 guitars are aimed at those who know a good pickup so probably know a good guitar as well. A MIM Strat will get you good single coil sounds whereas a Tele will be the twangy antithesis of your PRS. Alternatively, an Ibanez, Schecter or other "Metal" guitar will do you some hot, high output stuff.

Take your pick.
Well the thing is the Peavy is the guy I always play withs I am gonna be getting an amp probably next summer (or buying that one from him) i just use the spider as a practice amp (but I do have a decent metal tone after year and half of playing out of it)
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Well I get everything out of PRS I have tried, but I just want a different tone sometimes...

different how though? A PRS is a damned versatile instrument, they have a pretty broad tonal palette.
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