My computer keeps randomly switching to this site called flirting girls in birmingham, and when I press back, it says it is from incentsaclick media, whats happened??!? Is their anyway of getting rid of this? Please help me, I haven't been on any dirty video sites, just pictures, on some picture sites, but surely I dont have a virus do I?
Buy a new comp.

And if you give me your paypal details, I'll send you a new homebuilt computer for a small sum of money I shall be extracting myself.
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It's a virus.

Or a ghost.

Will a system restore make it bugger off? And if I type in details, like debit card number, will it get hacked? /Is it harmful virus/what can it do other than change my screen?
Don't worry, it just means that Domo-Domos are going to kill your family.
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Spybot search and destroy it, and only accept cookies from trusted sites.


Is spybot search free?
You sir, have a virus.
BTW don't click on ANYTHING. That's the best you can do until you can take it to be repaired.