Im thinkin about getting a mesa boogie 5:25

just wondering what you guys think, and please, "if you like it, thats all that matters" responses.

I do like it, but before i drop 1k on it, i wanted to get some opinions and see if i should try anything else out. A friend recommended a orange tiny terror, but i haven't had a chance to play on it yet.


Before I got to the end of the thread I was going to tell you to play an orange!

So, basicly..try out an orange .
I've had mine for about a year, and it's a fantastic amp.

If you're doing small gigs of pretty much any genre, it will sound awesome. Great for practice too.

However, to tailor to your needs more exactly, what kind of music do you play?
nothing made by mesa boogie is gonna be "worth" the money; you get one when money is no object whatsoever

theyre absoloutely incredible amps, but most people will agree, horrifically overpriced
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mostly classic rock / blues

"overpriced" thats kinda what i was thinking
I played a 5:25 and an Orange TT and ended up with the TT. The 5:25 offers more tone shaping and voicing controls, giving you more versatility. Great high gain sound out of this little amp. The TT is much simpler (three knobs total) but has a more organic and complex sound. I think if you like the Mesa and it fits your needs buy it. The TT isn't really similar its in another category. If you simply want the best low and medium gain sounds buy the TT.