So, the other guitarist in my band is in need of a new amp, and he has a price range of up to $150.

I've been looking at some amps like these:



But I'd like to know if these are good amps. We're going to GC to try out amps, and we've already ruled out Spider III's and MG's. What amps should we look out for?

SS and tube doesn't matter, as long as it sounds good.

Our band plays thrash, heavy metal, and we cover songs from Muse, Wolfmother (yes, I told them we have to ), and anything to even softer instrumentals, like For the Love of God ( We don't cover it, but just play stuff like that )

So, we need this amp, soon, withing the next day preferrably, so saving is not an option. What do you all guys recommend?
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The Roland MicroCube is a phenomenal, durable and good bang/buck amp you'll be very happy with it. Give alot of options and flexibility and the effects are quite good.

I'd also recommend that you look at the Vox DA10, I believe its closer to $190 but GC is totally negotiable (in case you weren't aware). I have the DA5 and I am always amazed at how killer the sound it when I use it.

Have fun, play em both.
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the roland, a peavey vypyr or a crate V- series
the first 2 probably won't be loud enough if youve ot a drummer, I'd Go Vseries
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yah, i actually upgraded to a bigger version of that from my frontman and it sounds awesome, youll need an OD though, since itll get to about hard rock by itself
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