alright now I'm just trying something out for the fun of it.
I'm gonna try and build an amp without all the little features (I'll just get pedals later on anyway)

now I've done this plugged my guitar into my stereo and it worked like an amp. now I want to build a cabnet with my 2 woofer speakers I have (both 100 watts each) now my question is instead of using my stereo could I take a Cd player apart and make an amp type deal out of it. you know replace the speakers with the 100 watts and plug the guitar in through the tape deck.

just an idea

thanks in advance

Andrew (noob to amp building)
technically yes you could strip a power amp out of a cd player and wire it to accept input from your guitar; however, audio amps and guitar amps are very different. An audio amps is tuned to reproduce music at all frequencies, and a guitar amp is tuned to reproduce guitar frequencies (not sure the range). The kind of speakers used has a profound impact on sound as well, meaning I wouldn't use audio subs for guitar speakers. I can see where it might be a fun project, but if you really want to build an amp do it right and make it tube. or buy a kit and introduce yourself to analog electronics.
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