Hey guys, my band and I are just starting to look into recording, and i have a ton of questions. I've basically narrowed it down to I want to record using a laptop, but that's about all I've got so far. I saw on guitarcenter.com that theres a digidesign Mbox that's not ridicuously expensive. I have a mixer and a couple mic's so thats not a problem. Any help would be appreciated!
well, in all honesty you prolly won't use the mixer for anything but ehh... its still good to have I guess.

basically all you really need to get started is an interface and software. Check number of inputs that the interface has and go for usb2.0 or firewire (<this is better). Software wise you will be fine with the startup software that prolly comes with any given interface.

If you have more specific questions let us know.

I wouldn't go with the mBox though, personally. It's way overpriced for what it is in my opinion. What is your budget? And what mics do you have, because they are very important.
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well my budget would be 500 or less. I have an sm58 and a shure wireless mic, but i could get more. Mainly I'm just trying to figure out what interface i should get. Could you give me some suggestions on what would be a good interface?
I have a toneport ux2... I don't honestly know how it compares to other interfaces (in quality or price), but i'd say it was fairly good.
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oh i also forgot to mention that the laptop I'll be using is running vista, because apparently pro tools isn't supported by vista.