Okay, I have my guiitar set to the following:

both volumes max, rythm tone at 6-8, treble tone 4-6.

my Cube is set to folowing:

volume at 1/2, bass 2-3, mid 3-6, treble 6-10.

I am wanting a warm guitar into a bright amp.

based on the above settings, what should I adjust? (or is this as best as I can get?)

also, how can I also add some oomph and punch to it?
Try balancing out the treble and bass more (i.e. add more bass, but keep the treble a little higher.) Also, add mids for more punch.
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What is wrong with the tone you're getting now?

Also, give us the exact settings.
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Quote by darkarbiter7
What is wrong with the tone you're getting now?

Also, give us the exact settings.

Right now, its a bit on the warm side, but if I turn the treble up more, it gets too shrill. If I turn the bass or mids down, it looses punch.

Right now my EXACT settings are:

Volume at 1/2, Bass 3, Mid 5, Treble 9.
your treble has to be a little higher than your bass (don't know where exactly) but afterwards mix them together using your middle, then add some reverb/echo (don't have it just use very little distortion)
Bass 6, mid 5, treble 6. Bridge pickup with tone full. Then play with the mid to get the main body of the sound to suit you. Then adjust the treble on the amp and back off the guitars tone knob until you hit the spot you like. Tweak the bass last.