i want to swap out the dimarzio evolutions in an Ibanez STM1 for an EMG 81/85 set. so ive got a couple of questions

will the emgs fit into the old pickup cavities?

i also want to make the guitar a bit more diverse (give the guitar the same controls as youd expect on an LP) will the pickups come with all the gear to do this? (including control knob)
You have to get a ZW set if you want all the controls... Yes they should fit... If not its not that hard to make the adjustments...
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Yes, they'll fit. They're the same shape as regular pickups. But you'll want to check that there's room for a 9V battery in the back cavity.

Also, I think that if you buy a set of EMGs, they come with all the knobs and that, but I'm afraid I'm not sure. You just have to buy 25k potentiometers if the set doesn't already come with them. If you're unsure, just go onto their website and look at their wiring diagrams.

Hope that helps