I recently bought an electro-harmonix power adapter for my metal muff, and after using it for about an hour with the adapter, my metal muff only works with the top boost on? What's causing this? Did the adapter fry something? When I say that the pedal only works with the top boost on, I mean that without the top boost a signal still goes through, but it is VERY weak. With the top boost set on it sounds normal, and with the entire pedal off it also sounds normal.
Have you turned on the bypass switch? First make sure that you have it all wired correctly, then before you touch the Top Boost switch, click on the bypass.
uhm I know how to set it to not have the top boost on and still have the main part of the pedal operating, like I said when I set it like that (which is how I usually play it) the output is suddenly exceedingly low.
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Does the power adapter got an voltage switch?

Yeah I forgot about this, I have an adapter for my pedal and I need to make sure that the adapters voltage is the same as the pedal.
well that's not the problem, my adapter has no voltage switch. Also i put batteries back in it and it had the same problem :/
well it's still under warranty, so that's not a big deal, but how the hell did the adapter recommended by the manufacturer fry it?
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No idea? Maybe they have pedals with different voltage and you got the wrong adapter?

Anyways, take it to the shop.