I was thinking of getting a new distortion pedal for my rig. At the moment Im running a Jackson WRXT through a LaneyTF300, and I am currently using the, Digitech The Weapon. I play mostly metal and i was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to what pedal to get
hows the distortion on your amp sound to you?
after checking out the amp, id say get an overdrive pedal like an 808 or something a bit grittier with good sustain to drive the distortion channels a bit harder to get them to where you want them to be
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Well the distortion at the moment is good but its not great, and with the pedal Im using theres not a lot of a variety with the settings. I dont want to go over $250 AUS
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I am currently using the, Digitech The Weapon

Holy Crap! Someone besides me with that pedal. First time I've seen that!
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im not sure how that transltes to US dollars but I'd look into the Seymour duncan pedals, specifically the Twin tube mayhm, but maybe the lava box, Im not sure about prices, but ive heard you guys get screwed on gear prices over there so they might be above your budget
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Yeah ****s usually overproced here due to shipping, ill look into those pedals thanks a lot