Well I got this crappy little first act guitar in a trade (I was supposed to get a Schector but thats a different story) So I am going to fix it up and give it to my daughter...

It has a single coil in bridge position and a speaker where the sound hole would be in an accoustic (its a solid body) It has an on off switch, a on off switch (with LED) a headphone out jack, and Volume knob. It also has a 1/4' jack out.

It has a spot in the back for a 9V battery, however the Jack is missing. Anyways I want to repaint it and put it back together for her to have.

Anyways I tore it down.... Here is the body (Links are for bigger image)


Daughter holding the little neck

Here is the board and guts of the wiring


Here are a couple shots of the top of the board.



Anyways I want to know where I should hook up the 9V leads to... I am not very good at this wiring stuff.

Also I thought about filling in the speaker hole, and just making it a normal guitar but the speaker is pretty cool....

Any ideas??
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Adorable daughter. She looks almost identical to my niece. As for the guitar, I have no idea.
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Sweet child you have!

Id say the black wire is the negative of the battery and the red one the positive. 3 reasons:
-it makes sense
-the black wire goes to the jack, which is earth
-the other black wires coming from the pot should go to the pickup

Anyway do trial and error before wiring it all
I'd have thought both the black wires were the battery, maybe what does it say on the circuit board near the terminals?
Ugh sorry... None of those wires are for the battery... it was ripped off from the board.

Should have clarified that.

Red and black go to the Speaker,

and the other 2 are from the pickup and a ground.

I need to attach a 9v clip to the board.
Ok what you said also makes sense

The little circuit is a preamp, and as there are thousand of designs of it, its hard to track where the positive is going.

Anyway Id swear it is the "V+" over the black button in the last pic. Track where its going watching the rear of the board and if it goes to one condenser it could be the positive of the battery. Anyway I dont see no more empty slots to plug the positive.
And Im pretty sure the battery "+" shouldnt go to the pot, so watch the rear.

And negative should be earth wherever it is.
Thought i would update because it looks awesome so far...

I decided to paint it with duplicolor color changing paint....

Here is the front... It changes between purplebluem and sometimes a green, Its very metallic

On the back I put some letters down over the white before I painted it to spell Jacey rocks...

Back showing a different color...

I also sanded the First act off the headstock and put some music stickers and cleared coated over them...

Still got some more clear coats to go.... Should be done paint and dry by morning...