Has anyone had a chance to play them yet? If so, how bright is the tone?

My experience with coated strings is they start off somewhat twangy and eventually work their way down to a more mellow sound, but I'm curious to know if the materials they used are any different. If they do keep their brightness (like stainless steel sets do) then I might consider picking up a set, but for the price I want to make sure I'm paying for what I want tone-wise.
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ive seen them to for me they will be class or ****, but some one on here has to be the first to buy them
These strings are specially formulated to last up to FIVE TIMES LONGER than regular strings with a micro coating of enamel to prevent deterioration and titanium reinforcement to prevent string breakage.


I've ordered two sets so I'll see what they're like
Hopefully they will be good, I go through a set of strings ever 2 weeks thanks to my rusty fingers.