you can dress a sheep in cotton
after you strip away their whool
packaged and branded
they flipped the bill
You took what you wanted
A birth fulfilled
A sheep has no strong will
Willingly altered
Confusing want for need
They pay for your greed
"A sheep has no strong will
Willingly altered"
The "will" dragged out the -ill rhymes, and then the willingly did both that, and felt like bad repetition to me.

also, It's spellled "wool".

Apart from those, I enjoyed this. Despite the subject matter and the subtext, it was written happily, innocently, like a child.

I think.
I spelled it wool at first. Then looked and said, thats not right. Ha.

Yeah its just for fun. Im not tryin to blow anyones mind here just enjoying the last few minutes of work thinking of all the people who wander around wearing company logos on their shirts.