Can't remember the last time i made a thread, must have been a while now. Anywho.

Ok, I have three songs here; one of them is completed (fully), one COULD be finished depending on wether I want to extend it or not, and one isn't even close to being finished (however, please listen to it too and provide feedback nonetheless 'cause i'm stuck on where to go with it next). I haven't named the songs 'cause I have no real need to, but I put the dates on them to make finding particulars pieces faster.

The piece entitled "oct 26th" is the piece that is complete, tis some sort of metal (not particularly heavy though) but i've grown somewhat confused over the past year on the subject of genres so I can't figure it out. Its starts off slow (and somewhat cheesy) but its picks up after the intro, so be patient...

The piece entitled "Dec 3rd" is the piece that isnt close to being finished, but I've only spent a short of time working on it so tis acceptable me thinks. I started the song originally just to learn things and stuff, but I liked it and carried on. Please (if you have time and/or the want to do so) help me out with where to go next. I be stuck. Some sort of rock perhaps? Again, not sure.

Last and certainly not least is "Dec 12th" (the wierd piece) ... I have no bloomin' idea what genre this damn thing is, I got a little bored and wanted to experiment with different intruments (I literally just started it about 2hours ago). If you only plan on listening to one song make it this one please. Me loves this piece.

hehehe, i got a little carried away with the typing up there... tis almost over now.

I'm gonna go get me some sleep now, so if anyone replies/crits any of my pieces i'll get to yours tomorrow.... Crit fo' Crit .

Thanks, Sean
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alright i'll go through each song...

oct 26th
the only thing that felt weird with this song was the synth part in the second half of the slow intro and the 79 chord in measure 17. the second part of the intro sounded like it was in a different key than the rest of the song. if you didn't want a key change there, i find that it usually helps to pick a key based off of the intro and to stick with that key the whole way through (like put it in the left of the staff using the button that looks like "bbb")

other than that, once it hits that main riff at measure 53 it flows pretty smoothly and sounds good especially with that bass riff going in the background.

dec 2nd
this song definitely deserves to be finished. you have a great idea going here. the only problem i had with it was that the acoustic/slow intro lasted a little to long in my opion. i think once you finish this, it would sound best if you took measures 33-50 and used that as an outro. the notes right at the beginning of the solo starting at measure 40 sound like they would fit perfectly towards the end of a song (if that makes any sense) other than that, i really liked the arpeggios at the end of the slow part and the rhythm/chords you had going at the fast part.

dec 12th
it's got potential for an experimental song, i don't think the solo at the end agreed with the rest of the song though. it seemed a little too simple and generic to fit with everything else. other than that, this could pass for the synth in a muse song =P

i have a couple ptabs up here if you wanna take a look at 'em, the first is a full song meant to have lyrics and i think i'm keeping the second instrumental