Hi people!

I have just bought a Ibanez TS9DX and must say I love the tone, but I'm in need of a more distorted sound.

I will use both pedals on the clean channel of a Fender Princeton Chorus Stereo as I hate it's distortion. I'm not trying to exactly duplicate their sounds, but I will play songs by Muse, The Killers and Dream Theater mainly. For me something to look in the pedal would be good note separation and ability to play complex chords.

I agree the overdrive channel on that thing is horrid... my friend owns one of the earlier editions. Cleans are pretty good, though.

I'd just get a new amp (I get all those tones on my modded VK ) , but considering you are looking for pedals... a Metal Muff may help, especially for a metal tone for Dream Theater.
Yes, the clean channel it's the reason I won't change the amp now. Well, that and money

I will listen to some samples for the Metal Muff. Ah! I forgot to say I also have a fuzz factory, so I prefer something that it's not fuzz
Price range?

If you can manage the stuff above $100 (I'm guessing you can) I'd stay away from the Metal Muff. It's good for its price point, but good high-gain distortion tone costs a little more.

For more lows - Subdecay Stupid Box
For Marshall tone - MI-Audio Crunch Box
For lots of tonal range - Maxon SD-9
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Thanks! I didn't know any of those. Now it's time to try them in a shop.

Does anybody know if combining a ts9 with a MXR distortion 3 could give good results?