This a song im writing for my band. Its not quite done yet but i think its pretty good so far lol Well anyway tell me what you think!
It has a nice vibe to it. You write pretty awesome drums. The heavy section sounds rather cool, too.

I would work on the clean section a bit though. You play that same riff quite a few times, and that Am9 chord is.. well, it's ugly. A bit later on, in the strumming section, you play a chord (AmAdd9) with two A3s and an A4 in it. It makes the chord sound crowded and overvoiced. Cut out at least one of those A's - probably the lower string. Even cut out both of your lower strings and play an A2 on bass instead. Often simpler chords are better - you don't have to play every string!
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Simple, yet soothing.
The name is very appropriate.

I didn't see the bass, so I guess this song is not completed yet.

Overall, great melody and impeccable drumming.

I agree with the 'Skipper, but with a somewhat different approach.
When that strumming pattern comes in at bar 33, reduce the chord down to the higher strings, therefore removing the two A3s.
When the pattern starts over at 41, that's where you should play the full chord, to give a more dynamic sound.
Also, you should have the electric come in, but playing the reduced chord.
Overvoicing with distortion is really annoying.

I just applied my suggestions, and I feel that it's a good build up.
Idk if you'll like, but you should try it to see.

Overall, good song.
I like the simplicity of it all.