Does GC carry Marshall DSL's and TSL's? I remember they did had some in mine like 2 years ago but I won't be home for a few days and just wondering...
idk, im looking at the same series as u, DSL401 actually, awesome amp for grunge, so im in the same question as u
yeah, either DSL or TSL combo. I wanna compare it to a JCM900 combo also but IDK if I will be able to =\. I like grunge, alternative, and a bunch of Sublime/RHCP type stuff.
You can't always check the website. Certain ones carry certain guitars. Its best to call and ask them if they have any in stock. They would have it on their computer to check. For example my local guitar center carries NO yamaha pacifica for the last 3 years at least, but its always on their site.