Hi all!

So recently, my friend gave me his pedal since he doesn't use it anymore, and it was free so I figured what the heck, but now since fiddling with it I'm finding that I don't get sound output unless the cable is in a certain position. I'm pretty sure this is because the output jack/cables is loose, and I'm thinking of opening it up and resoldering the sucker.

Problem is, I can't figure out how to open it. I've taken the bottom plate off, but there's the circuit board blocking everything. Anyone have experience opening a Boss pedal and can give me a few pointers?
the rubber screw thing on the pedal... unscrew it
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Opening that just gets me to the battery compartment... I think the connection jacks are under that, inside the pedal's body itself
You'll have to remove the circuit board. There should be three or four screws holding it in place. At least that's the way it is with most effects pedals.
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Remove the plate at the bottom of the pedal by undoing the four screws
undo the knobs by prying them up with a flat head screwdriver.
undo the nuts holding the pots in place
everything should then come undone.

The problem is probably either then audio input, output, or power jack
The problem is probably the cable....
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