It's my 2nd year snowboarding and I'm gonna get a snowboard.. Well I want to know if there's any brands i need to avoid. Also, are there many differences between each brands? And if I weigh 135pounds and 5'9", what should be the size of my board? anything else I'm suppose to know?
help please~!
i never liked rosignol boards, they should stick to ski's

opinion though

burton is awesome for a reason, its not all hype

edit: http://www.sierrasnowboard.com/Burton-Custom-273.asp

^^^ i recomend. its my board i got last year and its like 350 bucks cheaper now.
its great
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seriously, thanks, i didnt know why id never found that site before

Hells yeah. Free shipping too.

I got a forum lander and my brother got a roost. Pretty dang good deals.