I just received my Fender MIM Jazz Bass from ebay and I noticed that the G tuner is buzzing and its giving my whole bass a rattling noise but when I hold the head of the tuner it doesn't make the noise.

Any ideas would help immensely.
Thank you
Try and tighten the tuner up with a screwdriver.
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Try and tighten the tuner up with a screwdriver.

the tuner itself or the thing that holds it in?
^Especially the big nut at the base of the stanchion (i.e under your string, against the face of the headstock). Or check that the butterfly itself isn't loose in it's slot. That happens sometimes with those tuners.
I just tried tightening everything but the Gtuner is still a lot looser then the other ones.
Im going to bring it into Guitar Center and see what they can do.
thanks for your input tho
otherwise, it could just be that it's an MIM. or a fender.

Not to be a complete dick, I'll offer some advise. Fender tuners are not compact nor are they hidden under a cover like most grover type tuners. I know you said that you held the actual tuner and the noise disappeared. It could be in too big of a cut and is rattling against the body, so try holding the entire headstock and see then. If it doesn't go away, try re-stringing it yourself. It could be just a bad cut or crimp.

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