I have a crybaby wah and it stopped working. I can hear the "wah-wah" sound when it's on but it doesnt make any noise. it worked perfectly well and i know what a wah sounds like and know how to hook it up but it's just muted now i dk what happened. help!
Like if there's alot of gain and it's humming and the wah is on, then you can hear sort of a "wah-wah" filtery sound but no guitar at all. and it just says scybaby on the front. it's not a special model like the Q or anything
One of the connections inside the pedal is shorted, most likely near the input.
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oe a local shop, it's my understanding that GC's tech fee's screw you over
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This may be a stupid suggestion but maybe one of the wires in your cable might have snapped?
Open it up and look to see if something like, solder or something has just chipped and shorted something. This happened to mine. If it has, you just flick it off with a finger. If it hasn't... then taking it in may be a good idea.
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