Hey, me and my friend are both guitarists, 13 & 14 years old, and looking to start a band in adelaide. We want a singer, drummer, and bass player. If you're a bass player who sings then thats awesome too.

Honestly we couldn't give a **** about what type of music we play, just as long as it's some form of rock (pop-punk and stuff like that included) or metalcore. Also, you don't have to have loads of experience to be in the band, and you don't have to have the best rig or anything to be in this band, just as long as you can play at a reasonable level.

In case you're wondering, I do know there's an Australians thread, but I've tried that and got nothing, I'm just posting a new thread because I want more people to notice it, which I hope is understandable lol.

peace out.
i am mate. but your a little young
Ill Take it all
Arrows and Guns.. Hundreds and more

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