I want to build accuracy and coordination while at the same time trying to strengthen my pinky. Any suggestions on what scales would be good to practice?
Play -1-3-5-7- on each string. That'll put you in pain (in a good way!) in a few seconds.

Edit: Damn, that's hard. Go with something like -1-3-4-6- with one finger per fret.
lol i'm so going to slide to the 7th

Edit: 1-3-4-6 sounds better. i'll use that for a bit. Thnx
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yeah 1 3 4 6. apparently due to the muscles and ligaments you're not supposed to stretch too hard between your middle and ring fingers. Most stretching should be done between index and middle and ring and pinky.

Start up at the higher frets where they are close together and slowly work your way down using the same fingering. This way you gradually stretch it out and are more likely to avoid injury. Also be wary of the wrong kind of pain. You should feel the stretch but it shouldn't hurt.
Maybe you should hold your guitar upwards (like a classical guitar) and place your left hand thumb (if you're right handed) behind the guitar instead of looping around the fretboard (like hendrix did). It's harder, but worth it. I can get a 7 fret stretch this way instead of a usual 4/5 fret stretch.

And play with your fingertips as much as possible. Barring notes and using the sides of my fingers seems to diminish my stretch as well. It's harder, but worth it. You'll also be very slightly faster this way.