May not be the right forum, but I was wondering how to get my band to play somewhere that bands are allowed to play. Can someone tell me about getting to play somewhere? any advice is thanked ahead of time.
Different bars and places have different deals and whatnot, but over here usually what happens is if you want to play a bar, you just go see the bar people if you're not a known band, ask to play, they'll chuck you on a Tuesday night or something to test you out, if you're good, they'll put you on a Saturday night. The other way is to team up with a band who has already established themselves playing bars and clubs regularly, make friends with them and start opening for them. Connecting with other bands is important.

There are also other kinds of venues that are a good start point, and also can lead you straight to bars, and that's All ages venues. Usually attracting pretty young audiences, but can be a good place to practice and get a little feedback, etc.