Hey my band just recorded one of our songs called "How Will You Know". I am quite happy with how it turned out but we'll probably rerecord it in a couple months because of all the sound problems we had when recording this. (dead tubes in my amp, fallen sound post in the double bass, etc...)

Anyways, thanks in advance for any comments. I sing and play guitar.

"How Will You Know"-The Classy Chassys

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I love the song but the recordings definitely a little rough, but that may also just be the fact that its web streaming but the drums sound odd to me, like the mic was messed up but i think you said something about that.

I love the singer's energy and the songs general feel the upright bass is really good too i think and all in all this is a really good song i feel the energy is there with everyone.

If you wouldn't mind listening to some of my stuff?

thanks a ton! and great job!
Thanks for the comments! Yeah the recording quality is a little rough, we recorded the instruments live and did the vocals separately. We were a little rushed to get things done and we did not do a proper sound check and because of this there was lots of bleeding of the instruments. That will all be fixed when we record again. Anyways, thanks again.
Really digging the vocals - reminds me of the Commitments. Good to see the blues being kept alive
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