I just got back from my local small music store to try the two basses i wanted, a squier VM jazz and a squier CV p-bass..both were great, however as i walked out, i asked just out of curiousity if they had a Ibanez SRX300, they didnt but had a SRX 350 for $370 and i have to say WOW it was amazing..i loved the active pickups

so question time!

Which Bass would be best for me...?

I play hard rock and older heavy metal(iron maiden,Metallica) and some classic rock...

im an upper level beginner if that helps...
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So you've played all three basses and can't work it out yourself?

lol seriously
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Go with the Ibanez if it wowed you, they're quite durable and sound great. Feel completely safe with your decision.
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Go with the Ibanez if it wowed you, they're quite durable and sound great. Feel completely safe with your decision.

this. that is a great bass, it's not gonna drop out on you anytime soon.
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well no but i want to know about reliability issues and such.....personally i like the ibanez but i dont want to pay $80 extra for something that is going to break easily

If you liked the sound and feel of the ibanez more, go for that. They're prefectly reliable in my opinion.

I'd have gone for the VMJ, but i prefer the look/feel of it. I've never tried that particular SRX so i don't know how it would sound, but i've tried SRX 5 strings and hated them due to how they felt in my hands. Obviously that's subjective though. I say the ibanez.
it depend's on usage.

Your probably looking at maybe 300 hour's or something, but you could always take the battery out when your not using it, like if your away for a few day's or something.
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change it once you get it stock batteries dont last long other than that just always have a spare in your case or something and you will have no trouble
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Six months to a year, generally. Much less if you leave it plugged in when you're not using it.
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