So i dont have any experiance when i comes to different pickup tones, all i know is that i can afford an emg and id like one for the neck of my ibanez. But i dont know which one will give me a heavy crunchy tone so can anyone tell me which ones will do just that.
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How the hell do you know you want an EMG, but don't know what any of them sound like?


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How the hell do you know you want an EMG, but don't know what any of them sound like?

yeah dude...you dont just buy a pickup because you can afford it...you can afford 200 other pickups as well as an EMG...
first, what style of music do you play?
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81 and 85 set or 81 and 60 set, there tangy for metal

we dont even know if he wants a metal tone.
Heavy crunchy tone for all we know could be his way of saying a wah wah pedal(very unlikely but you get my point)
there are also more active pickups out there, find some guitars with them and check them out

i see you have a fund for more equiptment, and your new amp is getting close, maybe thats where you can put it
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yeah you can get a great tube amp for $600 alone, and an even better one used.
Just get a new amp before you think about pickups...and if that Nova thing is a solid state, then defintely dont get put actives through it.
pickups only make a good tone better. your tone right now is crap, so invest in a new amp

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