So im new to bass and im so used to a pick from playing guitar for years. but i wanna get away from using a pick on a bass. Im having a problem making the note sound when i pluck. um.... let me rephrase that. I find my self anhoring my finger on my B string (Ihave a 5 string), but when i use my index and middle finger to pluck it sounds faint, should i just increase the volume or am i doing something wrong?
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mhm, assuming when you say plucking your meaning walking or just striking the strings to play conventional finger bass.

It is a problem I had when I started, assuming Im correct on the issue
What I found myself doing was on all the strings minus my low E or in your case, B, I would pull up ever so slightly on the strings so as to not hit the other ones
In doing this, the string is actually going away from the pickups and the amplification of the notes is decreased dramatically. It took me about a week to correct it, and some frustration, since bad habbits are hard to kick
Either way, to fix this, you want to almost push down on the strings with your fingers, and you goal should be to hit the next string.

For example, I'f I'm playing the D[5th fret] on the A string, after each stroke, my finger should hit my E string and mute the E string. Thus making sure I get no additional sound out of it.

When playing your B, rest your thumb wherever, Pickup is where I do it
Same goes for E, make sure your hitting the E string and muting it on the "follow through"
When playing your A string, you will want to drop your thumb down to your B, its really a preferential thing, but honestly, once you do it, it becomes natural and makes your playing extremely clean. In doing this, your muting the B string with your thumb, playing your A string for notes, and muting your E string with your "follow through"

For the D, you would drop your thumb another string and "wedge" it between the B and the E

I think you get the idea, it just ensures that the non played strings are being muted.
Make sure your using the bulk of your finger to push the string down so to speak, as opposed to getting under it ever so slightly, it really makes a huge difference

Hope that's what you were looking for
I have the same problem with my finger plucking sounding faint. I've tried doing what oxygen has said to correct the problem but still can't quite get it.

Is there any videos or more detailed instructions for how to properly pluck the strings?