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one is angled, one is straight

bada boom
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Head and Cab for $130? You don't need a head and cabinet, you need a psychological examination.
When I stand about 6 feet away from my angled cab(half stack) the top 2 speakers are pointing straight at my head. Where a straight cab the top speakers would be pointing at my thigh. If your going for a half stack I would recommend angled cab, so sound can go out and up a bit. I don't see why it would matter for a full stack though.
Yeah, i was wondering why people say straight cabs sound better then angled cabs. I prefer the looks of an angled cab to a straight cab tho. I don't notice a difference though..
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Well think of it this way:

An angled cab puts two speakers parallel to the ground. The top two speakers angle back at ~30 degrees. This pushes sound upwards.

But if you're on a stage that is 4' to 5' higher than the crowed... why are you putting sound up to the sky?
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i prefer straight.
speakers facing my head make me feel like my ears will explode.
but im more of a combo guy anyway.
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