So im looking for a new guitar. I currently have a Schecter C1 Plus with a EMG81 in the bridge. Its great, and im just looking for a guitar to keep in another tuning in the 600 dollar us range. I have a few other junkers, but i want a solid, nice playing guitar.

My biggest issue is the fact that I have girl hands. (I am a guy). There so small. It is almost impossible for me to play well on a 25.5" scale, so a 24.75 is almost necessary.
Because of that, this is why im a huge fan of the Schecter Tempest. It is very similar to the C1, but hell i love how the C1 plays.

Not a big fan of Gibsons, Fender, or Epiphones ether, just fyi.
Picky, picky.
Must you buy new?
Around this time of the year I notice a lot more good used guitars, saw a $1500 prestige on kijiji for 475... If you can find something like that it would be killer.
If you can be ok with another 1/4", PRS guitars have a 25" scale.
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Ha, yes I can be picky.

I work at a Schecter dealer, so a new Tempest would be the price of a used one roughly. And the SZR look a lot like my Schecter C1 or might just be the same thing ha, and I atleast want something that looks different. PRS's play nicely too, but I am not blown away by the SE series like schecters.

I haven't had any problems with my C1, and it's set up perfectly from the luther. I'm leaning more and more toward getting a Tempest to keep in Drop D. The C1 is in Drop C and I have it setup so perfectly that if you try to put lighter strings on or tune up at all the action is too low, but with the 13-56's on there it plays like butter.
Tempest's are awesome too. Best thing to do is just play them and decide which one you like better.