That is huge. Very huge. Very epic sounding, the emotion is obvious, and it seems to paint the image that the title suggests very well.

The only downpoint I can find is where the guitars and drums cut out and leave the piano playing - it's too understated to sound intentionally sudden, but too abrupt to sound intentionally smooth. I would suggest either having the drums go beserk in the last few beats if you're going for the former, or leaving a chord or cymbal ringing over the first piano bar if you're going for the latter.
That was pretty much amazing. Very Agalloch-sounding in some parts.

The only criticism I have is the same as voidSkipper's, in the bit where the piano starts playing the melody. I think it'd sound better if you built it up a bit more before the change, to make it more abrupt-sounding.
thanks guys for the kind words, i didnt know i had any responses in here HA! i will work on it tomorrow, im writing an orchestrial peice right now
"We carry death out of the village!"
holy crapmuffins on a ****ing stick.

yeh this is quite good. I really liked it. when is the real instrument version coming out?
i am in the process of getting ready to record. the only problem is i havent played my guitar in a while and well i suck, so im going to teach my self again and hopefully get better. should be up within 2-3 weeks.
"We carry death out of the village!"
This is awesome! All the parts were well done, and I liked the transitions throughout the piece. The use of piano was excellent, as was everything else. The emotion really shines through in this piece, and the title fits well. Nice job!
New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
awesome chord structure, a song like this could work magnificent as like an outro to an album. It sometimes feels a bit overdone but overall awesome piece.
thanks guys, im still going to work on it but im in the middle of 2 pieces, im fixing up Complex Cellular Dysfunction and working on my orchestral piece
"We carry death out of the village!"
Very nice, but you can't play that on the piano.
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Very nice, but you can't play that on the piano.

of course, it will change but for the sound i want i did it that way
"We carry death out of the village!"
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of course, it will change but for the sound i want i did it that way

Ok, well it sounds awesome.
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thank you verry much. means a lot to me. thanks guys
"We carry death out of the village!"
That was amazing. I loved every minute of it. Wasn't so sure about the acoustic guitar arrangement, but it worked out really well. Awesome. 10/10.

You get a bonus point for writing an epic, yet heartfelt rock song, possibly fit for arenas around the world. Now you just need a band as talented as you are!

EDIT: You really CANNOT possibly play that on a real piano without another hand. Or two. At least. So yeah. Even so, Amazing work.
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i'm speechless.
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Really like it - though I agree with what others have said regarding the piano transition. Having the drums return to "normal" style/not 16ths before you take away the guitars make the transition weaker in my opinion.

Other than that, I'm not a huge fan of the second measure of the tapping part (where the tapping kinda makes it an add9 chord for half the measure), but I guess it'd sound better in something else than guitarpro as well.

Also, just a minor suggestion, in the ending measure, you could try having the melody going for a little while longer with extreme ritardando. Just something I think would be neat.

Otherwise I think it's great.

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Totally amazing!

Good use of chord progressions.
The only faults I can find, is that some of the chord stretches seem impossible - bar 13 for example, the C chord with the stretch from the 10th fret to the 17th.

The heavier parts were unexpected, but very nice. Reminded me a bit of Avenged Sevenfold. Especially the parts with the leads. Maybe take that harmony in bars 45 and 46 and harmonize it? That would sound sick. You could even take it through to bar 50 or whereever, where you did do some harmonization.

The part where the piano plays alone is very very very nice, the overdriven guitar is a very nice addition.

Overall, 10/10.

Very nice work.
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.

thanks for the kind words! and i have played this song on my guitar and yeah the stretches can be done but they are friggin insane to keep going for the entire song, i might change it when i record it just becaus it is insane, it isnt impossible but it is extremly hard!
"We carry death out of the village!"
Sorry about being so late on this.

But this was fantastic. That's all there really is to it. Record this ASAP.