In my IB Music classes we were studying Latin American music, and one of the genres in that is Bossa Nova, which I think is awesome. It's pretty much a mix of of Brazilian Samba, and Cool Jazz.
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You probably already know or have of this album, but for those who haven't, check out Getz/Gilberto. It's probably the most famous and best selling Bossa Nova of all time, and it has everyone's favorite tune, The Girl From Ipanema. Anything by Antonio Carlos Jobim is wonderful as well.
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Check out Elis Regina she was a Brazilian singer. She had several albums with Antonio Carlos Jobim.
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I learned The Girl From Ipanema like two months ago. It's not hard to play, it sounds awesome, and it impresses people. Do it guys !
I love Bossa Nova. Such calm yet awesome music.