Well I have enough of my floating bridge and want to install a fixed bridge (probably this one):

*the only pic I could found of that bridge, Paul G.'s sig guitar, I don't really want that bridge but something very similar like this:http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ZDehHF8aWoE/R7f-hPCPP_I/AAAAAAAAAuQ/w96cWfdbDn8/s1600-h/P1020760.JPG*

I wana know, how much would it cost if a guitar tech from a music shop installs it?

Also, how much would a nut change cost?

Thanks in advance!

PS: For those who knows/owns guitats with SAT PRO II Bridges, do you thinkthat fixed bridge is compatible?
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just block your tremelo

I tried but it really messes me up.

How can I do it?
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just block your tremelo

This is what PG did to his guitar and the PGM 301 was born.