Alright so I have a Mesa Boogie Rect-o-verb 50 combo... 50 watts and has one 12" speaker...

so say I want to get that fuller, half-stack type sound... I know boogie also makes a head like this but... on the back there is an 8-ohm speaker out, which the combo speaker is already plugged into...
there are also 2 4-ohm outs... so if I put the combo speaker which is an 8-ohm into the 4 and run a Marshall cab @ 4-ohms into the other, it will equal an 8-ohm load, correct?

and by doing this, would it be similar to how the head would sound through a cabinet, or will some of the punch be lost...? will it push my combo too hard?

and finally, I'm kind of looking for a really punchy distorted sound, kinda like what i've heard out of 5150s... is the marshall cab good for a attack/punchy-type sound?

ok.. done! =P Thanks.