What are you going to be doing with it?
You have a jumbo and a dreadnought as choices.
Jumbo will be louder.
Dread will be easier to handle.
Black will show fingerprints. (I refuse to own a black guitar).
What are the features and benefits you want in a guitar?

My preference is Takamine, but I'm prejudiced because I own a couple Takamines. Their quality is rock solid, great sound, nice to play.
i am playing in my churches worship team, i basically need a guitar that will sound really good plugged in, looks dont really matter, only a bit, low action, easy to play barre chords higher on neck is big. I think if the dreadnought gives the same sound plugged in as the jumbo ill get it because i love the black with gold, but if the jumbo gives better plugged in sound, i love the look of a jumbo too, i am also a pretty big guy so jumbo may fit my body better. the alvarez i heard is a really good guitar too, people rated it higher on musicians friend than to other two, plus the electronic look better, but tak electronics are suppose to be world class. i really am torn
Quote by fyrefly

Black will show fingerprints. (I refuse to own a black guitar).

That is one of the biggest things people overlook. Black guitars look nice, but the fingerprints look like the window of a car with a three year old in the back seat.
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Based on your last response, I'd shoot for the jumbo.

I love Takamine's. I own two of them, hoping to add a jumbo to my collection soon.

But, no matter which one you choose, you will probably be well served having it professionally set up to your playing style.