i found an acoustic guitar all it says on it is germany east its youth size has a classical guitar type tuning pegs vary cool looking guitar and am trying to put a date on it please help i dont know how to post pictures yet so il put some on my fliker soon

http://www.flickr.com/photos/32969666@N08/?saved=1 dont mind other pics there stupid jsut pics of me 4 myspace n stuff
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Give this thread like a day or so. Not as many people on here know about classical guitars compared to steel string, and then identifying guitars is an even harder task. I'm absolutely clueless about classical guitars as well. haha.
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I've been searching for a solid 30 minutes and cannot find anything on Germany East guitars. I don't think it's a brand but rather a type of "signature" that the luthier must have put on there. Granted, this might not be accurate but, it was probably made in Europe somewhere... possibly Germany (:P). Try putting strings on it and see how it plays!

And ... those "myspace" pictures freaked me out man. Just letting you know.
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You look like a shirtless Jack Black and I don't know anything about your guitar. It's most likely not worth much, but does it sound cool?
guitar-$100, strings-$10, you with your shirt off and model pictures with no guitar in site, priceless and kind of gross
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guitar-$100, strings-$10, you with your shirt off and model pictures with no guitar in site, priceless and kind of gross

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The wood looks quite nice, I'd say it'd be worth around AUD$300+ if it was solid top. It looks to be of alright quality. Where did you get it?
found it in dumpster the bridge nut is made of done so im guessing its solid top
Id be more inclined to think that the "Germany East" is the name of the store (or store chain) like Walmart or similar that sold this unbranded guitar. Have you taken your webcam & looked around inside there may be an identifier on one of the braces inside, where your naked eye cant see. I had a Matasaka classical with exactly this deal, i'll see if i still have the pic.


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still think it was made in East Germany. The sticker was probably put on like "made in China" stickers are put Chines exports. East Germany was socialist, and there was a good chance the manufacturer of the guitar was state-owned, and therefore created no need for a brand name.
Thats a mind boggler man...its probably a sister company of a larger manufacturer that went out of business or was discontinued.
still no marking would it be worth more because its a no name not mass known or is it garbage?
It's East German garbage, but one man's garbage is another man's treasure. Do you like it?