I was wondering what type of strings would i need to get to be able to get to low c tuning ?

And will there be any cons from not having a 5 string and going that low?
Thank you =]
I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but why not get a 5 string at that point?
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Get a fairly heavy set for that type of tuning.

I'd recommend a fiver at some point though...makes things quite a bit easir
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Yeah the problem is the band that i play in we play in low c tuning.
yeah im going to start investing on a 5 string
but how heavy?? like what gauges??
I just use a set of 45-105's on my warwick for drop C/B, and it is comfortable in both. Albeit, I do have fairly high action, but the lowered strig tension feels good in combination with high action. It really is no advantage having an extra low 'B' string, cause chances are you'll just end up using it as GCGCF (Low G) which is very limited in use in the best metal situations.
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^ Yeah, the low B isn't really a substitute for drop tuning... Although you can put a capo on the first fret if you need the open C.
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So are yo saying I should buy a 5 string set?
and put the b e a d string but not the g string on??
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So are yo saying I should buy a 5 string set?
and put the b e a d string but not the g string on??

No, the low B string would probably break your nut.

I use Ernie ball power slinkies (55-110) and they work fine for drop C.
If the strings don't fit the nut though, don't force them in, use a metal file or a nail file just to make the grooves a bit wider.
If you were going by the 5 string pack route, it'd be a better idea to omit the E string as opposed to the G. Why? This is why!

If you were in drop C tuning, you are tuned CGCF low to high. With the bottom 4 strings of a 5 string pack tuned to that, you have:

B -> C = One step up
E -> G = 1 1/2 steps up
A -> C = 1 1/2 steps up
D -> F = 1 1/2 steps up

I don't know about you, but I'd hate that amount of tension. By omitting the E string, you simply tune the low B up to C, and the A, D and G strings down a step. All you'd need is a slightly heavy gauge, and the tension will feel better. Yes, you don't want your strings to be stupidly floppy, but you don't want them super tight either- both are detrimental.
It's better to get a heavy set of strings than to get a five string set.

I'm actually looking at an Ibanez GSR200 right now that has BEAD strings, tuned to C#. The tension is just horrible on it...it feels like playing steel rods.
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My band plays in C# and I've went through a number of different guages and string makes to find one that's right for me, in the end I settled with a nice set of Slinky 105s.

Although generally, even if it isn't comfortable at first, you'll get used to the strings as time goes on.