hey guys i picked up a Vetta II HD and am lovin it i think it sounds sweet. However for those of you that are more experienced with the amp i was wondering if you guys have any tips on how to run this thing like for instance what amps and amp combonations work best for lead, clean and heavey rhythm guitar as well as what kind of settings you guys have used and what the better effects are ect. To confirm i have looked around customtones.com but i was just wondering what you guys thought as well.
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The line6 forum has some awesome user submissions.....

Honestly, the SLO model on it is awesome for pop/punk rhythm and even reaching screamo tones. For metal rhythm, I would stick with one of the Bogner models or a Boogie model....and for leads, definitely one of the marshall models....
thats sweet dude. its funny cuz i had a friend who had a similar setup, he had a vetta and a jcm900 running through a marshall cab. my pod xt tones are compatible with your vetta, so pm me your email and i'll send you the tone file for some sounds i use for metal. have you gotten all the patch editing software and midi crap installed yet?

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