so, im like making 2 dream guitars kinda, but not really...

ones gonna be fretless. gonna have the fernandes sustainer on the neck pick up and i dunno what on the bridge. thats like..the soloish guitar.

then the other, its just gonna be more rythm based, but i dont know what i should get on it...it only has a bridge and neck pick up slot.

they both have floyed rose. and theyre both humbucker slots or whatever.

i wanna make this as cheap, but still awesome as possible. so i dont want some super high brand stuff...but i dont want some crap brand that no ones heard of except the people that make it...ya know? so, im not saying i want something cheap as dirt but works perfect. i knwo about paying what you get and all. but i want something....you know. good, but not too good. cuz, this is dreaming, i also want it to really be possible. cuz im finishing up this van halen one...im gonna want another to do, i know it

what would you recommend?

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