originally spoken by Kosmic Guitar sales man: It has a Marshall AND a MESA boogie rectofier built in to it! EPIC FAIL.

Well, now I'm stuck with this screwed up beast (probably didn't help that I tested it on a Gibson Les Paul Tree of life ) that is a Roland Micro Cube RX (apparently a deluxe model with a drumming kit built in and state of the art effects and COSM amp models. Wtf? Wtf sir? I think you were meant to say it was a deluxe PILE OF CRAP ).
The amp however on when playing blues and funk on black panel setting is not all that bad. However, crank it for some metal on R-fied and it kinda FAILS BIG TIME! The only thing that can save it from its ****tness when playing metal is my cheap washburn (that's right, I'm too cheap to even buy a squire. ) acoustic's equalizer which makes it sound okay, but still not too good. I'm wondering if I buy an electric guitar with no tone nob(s) if it will suck big time or if it will be saved by godly pickups. If better pickups don't fix the problem maybe a pre-amp fx kit will or maybe an equalizer pedal. Or would it be better to just sell this amp, buy a kickass one then wait till god noes when to get an electric guitar (If I brought a good quality I wouldn't have enough money to buy a good electric guitar! Guitar budget= $1300).

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It's a great little amp, but wtf did you expect for such a small amount - if you want a kickass amp then you have to be a bit more serious about your budget.
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