First things first - I've used the searchbar, and that's either resulted in non relevant posts, or stuff that's completely confused me. And I've been searchbarring for like half an hour.

So I have a Crate V50. On the back, there's a jack that's for a footswitch. I want to build my own, not forking out the cash that I don't have to buy a pre-made one. The thing is, apparently it's a TRS jack. The tip of the jack controls the channel (clean and dirty), then the ring controls the boost.

All the other footswitch threads I've seen are about either just controlling the channel, or controlling the channel and effects in separate circuits.

Anyone know of a way I could make a footswitch?

Thanks in advance.
It usually works shorting the sleeve to the tip for one function, and the ring to the tip for the other.

Just use two SPDT switches (footswitch).

Its an ON/OFF switch. To make sure how should it work, just take a TRS male-male jack, plug it to your amp, and manually short TR,TS and see how the amp responds. Or even better, take a look at your amp manual and see if it says something about the switch.

One connection of both SPDT should go to the tip wire, the other one of one of the SPDT to the ring wire, and so on.