I need help.

I want to set up multiple libraries in iTunes, just not the way that is currently available (holding shift while launching iTunes). I'm sure there are programs that make it possible for me to access and edit two different music libraries at the same time while iTunes is on. So it'd be a great help if you guys know what *free* programs can do the task.
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oh sweet I could make a metal library and an unmetal library

But you can't edit and access both libraries at the same time through that method. Which is why I'm looking for someone who knows a program that can do what I just said.
Just create another user account for your Dad on your pc and use itunes??
Just chuck everything your dad wants onto one playlist, and sync only that playlist to his ipod.
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But I don't want to listen to what he wants.

I know, I can create playlists and sync different ones to each of our iPods, but I don't want the iTunes library to be in the same place. Actually, it can't be in the same place. The drive that my iTunes library in is full, and the one with my Dad's music is filling up. So I really need two separate libraries in different drives.