ok, so i have roughly 1100 dollars (AUD) to spend. i was going to spend it on a guitar amp (i found a JCM800 combo second hand in my price range) because i want my "band" to do some gigs over the holidays. well i've come to be pretty confident that my "band" isn't even that, more or less just a school thing. so i thought, "well i have $1100, why not treat myself to a good guitar." so i did some ebay searching and gone through some other trading sites and the website of a second hand instrument dealer and came up with some stuff to try.

my dilema is, is it worth getting this amp when i most likely will not need it (i bought it so i could do gigs, problem is then i would be the only one with gigable gear besides our drummer), or should i just get myself a new guitar (and possibly sell my Ibanez).


i was planning on buying an amp so my band could gig but i don't think that will evel happen outside of things the school organises, which means all gear is provided by the school. so either buy

JCM800 combo (or possibly a valveking 212)


Jackson RR3 (new)
JS100 (used)
ESP/LTD LM200 (new)

or any other guitar in the price range that i like.
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Although i guess the OP will have to get used to reading them if he's going to buy a bugera..
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Depends if you are happy with your current guitars. Better guitars (that you are personally happy with) will make you want to play more and improve faster BUT having a better AMP will drasticly improve your tone.

****ty guitar----->great amp-------> good tone
Great guitar----->****ty amp-------> ****ty tone

It depends on what you want to improve in your equipment.
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Go with the new amp. An old muso around my area sold his Les Paul that i believe he has had since the sixties and got a J & D Luthiers Les Paul for the lighter weight and said it plays nearly as well as his old original Gibson.
The Valveking 112 is not too expensive, so you can buy it and spend the rest on a guitar. Alternatively, buy the Valveking + a cab. Thats will give you enough power for many years, saving up for guitars after that.
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