[Verse 1][Pre-chorus][Verse 2][Pre-chorus][Chorus][Verse 3][Pre-chorus][Chorus][Doom section][Outro] 4:20 - whenever
Our passing glance, our shining source, the precipice we dance upon
Our passing glance, our shining source, the precipice of life enspawned

I like Nevermore (no brackets, damn you!) a lot; reminds me of Hope of the States somewhat. Really cool little intro.

Breathing Life also good; I can see how vocals would fit well. Mostly growls? I dunno much about your style, bear with my general stupidity.

1.40 is fantastic, you actually use guitar harmonies and counterpoint tastefully, which is getting irritatingly rare in mettulz these days.

I think the best bit is that you have this verse-chorus structure but the repetition is never apparent because of the variety and riffing you have in there. It never gets boring, while never turning into wankery, technical as it sounds.

Bravo, spiffingly good job, old chap. Also, good keyboards. Difficult. Rare. Awesome.
(N)Evermore was a nice sounding, creative intro. I got sucked into that one.

Also, I really liked the beginning of Breathing Life, also got sucked into it from the beginning. The drums are phenomenal, very progressive drum style, I thought.

And I agree with web about the bit at 1.40, but I'd have to say my favorite part was at 2.20, it sounds phenomenal, it fits the structure but it's also different, if you catch my drift.

Good job, man
Catch me,
heal me,
Lift me back up to the Sun
I choose to live