I was browsing GAK and i found a line of pedals named Hardwire, does anyone have any experience with any of these? I've not got the oppertunity to try any out so i'm relying on your reviews.
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There's a few threads about them already, just have a search. General consensus is they are all very good! They're basically Digitech's premium range.
They're pretty much Digitech's higher level products. Their main draw and the reason they are so expensive is that they are all true bypass.
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I have been recommended the Hardwire CM-2 multiple times, as I've been in the market for an overdrive.

Here's my thread, it's mentioned quite a bit.


EDIT: There's also this thread that I was linked to, but I'm sure it only covers the CM-2 and not other Hardwire products.
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Humiliates is a bad word.
I prefer my TS-9.
Although the CM-2 is better for anything with higher gain, and still a very good pedal.



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Humiliates is a bad word.
I prefer my TS-9.
Although the CM-2 is better for anything with higher gain, and still a very good pedal.

I guese it dosent humiliate it.

But I found that the CM-2 does things the TS9 does just as good and goes above and beyond.
Hardwire was a company that was about to release those series of pedals. digitech bought them and decided to distribute them in Digitech's name, without altering the way they're made.

I don't think that you'll see the name 'digitech' on the pedal anywhere, though.
but yes, they're the best pedals Digitech make or distribute
The SC-2 offers loads off distortion without sounding like crap if you bring the level up unlike the Boss pedals.

The CM-2 is more of a booster, it really livens up your amp.
I've heard good things about them but never seen them or anything
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I have the overdrive. Its very sweet and clear. Adds lots of sustain to my lead channel. I love it.
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^Sure does.

A TS9 next to a CM-2 hardwire.

Hardwire leaves it in dust.

I think they're about equal, but the Hardwire definitely has more gain and tonal possibilities.
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A TS9 is nice like i said, and thats why i like the Hardwire it captures that TS sound nicely and goes above and beyond with more gain and like you said more tonal possibilities cause of the four knobs instead of three.

And of course who can forget the voicing switch, as if the pedal itself wasnt nice enough this feature really makes the hardwire the better pedal hands down.

Im sure TS9 owners would agree.