i'm considering to buy a VHT Pittbull.
though i still haven't decide which one (50CL, 100CL, or 100UL) to go with, i'd like to know which 2x12 cab suits the amp best.

so far i've considered
mesa/boogie rectifier 2x12
orange 2x12
vht fat bottom 2x12
thd 2x12.

please recommend.
if you can spend 3gs on the UL it'd be worth it in the long run. But that's not to know the other versions. I played the 100CL and was really impressed. I actually kind of want a 50CL. I'd try for a Boogie 2x12 or the VHT2x12 for the VHT.
HOnestly, I think the best buy from that VHT series IS the UL....it may be more expensive...but the tone is GODLY....although, so is anything from VHT....

I think that keeping with the VHT family is your best bet. Their fat bottom cabs are superb and awesome. So are the MEsa's though.... however some people feel all these cabs are overpriced.....

If you play metal... and some rock stuff, and some clean stuff.... then I would look into Vader.... hand made in Wisconsin, designed for metal...but can do MUCH more....
VHT's are extremely picky about cabs, honestly i don't think it would sound too great with a mesa cab.
Stick with a VHT cab, a vader might work but i'm not sure on that one.
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